Frost-Tec has variety of fabrication equiptment to fit our customers needs. We have a 2800 watt laser table that can cut with extreme percision with very minimal clean up. Laser can cut:

    * Carbon Steel         3/4"  to 14 Gauge

    * Stainless Steel      1/2" to 14 Gauge

    * Aluminum             1/2" to 12 Gauge

Our facility also has an Ellis 4000 miter saw, Cincinnati drill press and 165 ton press brake to aid in the manufacturing and fabrication of our customers parts.

Mobile Welding / Subcontracting

Frost-Tec offers a certified and insured mobile welding service. This 11,000 square foot facility is an amazing support system for in the field work. We can build products in the shop and install with our mobile service unit. Here are a few of our past jobs:

   * Water Treatment Repair                * Oil Drilling and Wells

   * Precast Installation                         * Catwalks and Steel Structures

   * Grain Handling Systems                * Farm Implement Repair


Our facility is a multi process welding shop with experienced welders in GMAW, TIG and MIG welding processes. Here are a few of our specalitys:

    * Stainless Food grade products

    * Pressure Vessels

    * Structural and Engineered Systems

    * Machinery and Powered Implement Repairs

Tel: +1-402-801-1559

2819 Old Hwy 73

Falls City, NE 68355



Powder Coating & Bead / Sand Blasting

​Our facility is equipt with a 10' wide x 10' tall x 20' long paint booth and oven. ​We can paint metallics, clears, epoxies and your basics 

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Welding Supplies / Steel

​Need welding wire or specicality welding gas? Let us fix that problem. We offer:

​   * Welding Wire                         * Welders                       * Abrasivies

​   * Welding Gases                      * Cutting Gases             * Safety Equiptment

​   * Welding Hoods                     * Grinders                       * Cleaning Chemicals

                               * Welder Leads, Liners and Accessories               

* Carbon Steel                  * Stainless Steel #2 & #4             * Aluminum